Create with Purpose.

At ETR, we look for purpose in every decision we make and every pixel we place. We work hard to understand the “why” of your business and the true needs of your customers.

Purpose Driven Design

Our Design Philosophy

ExpandTheRoom looks for purpose in each decision we make and every solution we create. Purpose-Driven Design is our philosophy, and the framework we use to solve design challenges.

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ETR has a trusted, hand-picked partner network, which we leverage when a project requires a specific expertise we don’t offer in-house.

We are seasoned management consulting professionals with a combined century of experience helping global Fortune 100 companies solve strategic business problems.

WP Engine provides best-in-class customer service on top of innovation-driven technology. Drive your business forward faster with managed Wordpress hosting.

We work with brands and B2B enterprise clients by serving as an extension of their in-house marketing teams. We provide deep expertise in SEO, content marketing, and paid search.

Emmy award-winning directors and producers who have been transforming abstract concepts into stunning video content for over a decade.

“ETR remained flexible throughout our engagement and really pushed us (in a good way) to make the best product possible.”
Justin Johnson
Senior Vice President & Account Management + Partnership Strategy, Madison Square Garden
“I remain consistently impressed and grateful for the level of thought and supportive engagement you guys have in this process. ”
Myles Helfand
Editorial Director, Remedy Health Media
“The team did a terrific job. Thank you for making me look good.”
Julie Hansen
CEO, Babbel

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