Whether or not you know what the General Data Protection Regulation is, the GDPR is very likely to affect the way that you are able to collect and use the personal data of your website or app users. ETR offers a wide range of services from GDPR Compliance audits to designing and implementing data collection tools that ensure data privacy and security that conform to this new EU data regulation.

What we do

GDPR Audit

Many clients find it surprising just how directly the GDPR effects them. Even websites that only collect email newsletter signups are very likely to be touched by the EU law. Our team can conduct a full frontend and backend audit to determine the current compliance of a website or app. We also provide actionable recommendations that will get clients within in the scope of the data regulation as quickly and easily as possible.

Customer Data Centers

A major provision of the GDPR is that website users are able to access and limit the personal data being collected. ETR can help implement a self-service data management interface that will allow your users to see any personal data being collected, see and restrict how that data is being used, and request to have their personal data remove or anonymized.

Third Party Data Management

Even if a website collects personal data through a third-party vendor (MailChimp, Disqus, etc) they are still on the hook for many of the data privacy issues the GDPR raises. ETR can help implement a third party data management chain to automatically pass along personal data usage requests from your users to your third-party data collection vendors.


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