Passionate professionals.

ETR is a team of creative problem-solvers working closely together at an extremely high level of execution. We’re passionate about our craft and insist that those we work with are too.

We take listening seriously — to our customers and each other. Understanding your story is the key to discovering the right solution for the challenges you face.

There is nothing more satisfying than a job expertly done. Big egos need not apply — this is ETR.

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Employee playing KanJam at ExpandTheRoom team outing
This is


Whenever we can.

Employee using virtual reality in ExpandTheRoom’s New York office
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We always enjoy playing with new toys.

Ping-pong game at ExpandTheRoom
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The formidable Frank Smith.

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The Regal Omar Otieku.

ExpandTheRoom’s Webby Award
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Travel + Leisure won big at the Webbys.

ExpandTheRoom’s Digiday award
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Proud to be nominated.

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Easy buzz.

Employees grilling at ExpandTheRoom summer outing
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Burgers and dogs for days.

Founding Partners

It started on the ice. Co-founders James Cole and Todd Doyle met on a hockey team, became fast-friends, and discovered that their professional interests were aligned too. The concept of ETR started to brew over victory beers.

The two decided to apply their years of learning from various corporate positions to a new team challenge—this time, off the ice. Over the past decade ETR has grown from two people working out of a small apartment to a diverse team of seasoned professionals in Lower Manhattan.

James and Todd continue to set the bar high for the team, seeking to discover and take advantage of emerging trends and cutting-edge technology, and applying them to challenges that demand the highest-possible level of execution.

James Cole, ExpandTheRoom Co-founder and CEO Todd Doyle, ExpandTheRoom Co-founder and Creative Director

We’re always looking for the right people. Is that you?

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Another NYC sunset from ExpandTheRoom's office

Made in
New York

Lower Manhattan is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic neighborhoods in New York City. There is never a shortage of cultural events, and the food options are limitless. Our team comes from all over the country, but we've made New York our home.

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Fulton Transportation Center
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